SMGE "SHYMKENT HIGHER MEDICAL COLLEGE" оf healthcare departament of soth Kazakhstan Region
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It is attested by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 7 specialties: General medicine, Nursing, Hygiene and Epidemiology, Stomatology, Laboratory Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Orthopedic Stomatology.
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The action “My Flag, my Homeland”
The action “My Flag, my Homeland”

On November 28 the first-year students took an active part in the action “My Flag, my Homeland”, which took place in South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

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On The Eve Of President's Day
On The Eve Of President's Day

On 29 November took place the meeting of the party “Nur Otan” of Al Farabi region on the question of party revival and discussion of instructions of the President, leader of the nation N. A. Nazarbaev.  At the meeting took part party branch chairman Maulenkulov G. P., representatives of the territorial branches of the party, members and veterans of the party, youth  representatives , maslikhat members and public figures.

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Literary musical event
Literary musical event "We'll tell you about Great Britain"

On 28 November was held  literary musical event dedicated to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland organized by the teachers of professional foreign language  and the first-year students. During the event the students told about Great Britain, its famous people in the field of literature, music, about top universities, main holidays and traditions of the country, put a scene from the works of  W. Shakespeare, A. K. Doyle, read  poetry, sang songs. With the guests of the party was held a contest.

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