January pedagogical readings 2017-2018 academic year.

From January 25 to 27, 2018, the traditional January pedagogical readings were held on the topic "The role of the assessment of knowledge in teaching to improve the quality of education", which contribute to the improvement of professional skills, the identification of teachers of advanced pedagogical experience working creatively, familiarization with the methods used in the preparation of future medical workers middle level and their introduction into the educational process.

On the first day as planned, there were readings of reports, conducted a master class, a psychological seminar - training.

Themes of the reports:

1) "Effective methods for assessing students in microbiology with a view to improving their quality of education" (M. Sailaulova - teacher of microbiology)

2) "Assessment of critical thinking" (Makhanova H.K. - teacher of the subject of social disciplines)

3) "Activation of mental activity in the conduct of binary exercises" (Bayanbaeva A.A. - teacher of anatomy)

4) "Types of assessment in physical training classes in Shymkent Medical College" (Sharafutdinov A.R. - teacher of physical training)

5) "Methods of evaluation criteria among clinical disciplines" - discussion. (Petrakovskaya I.V. - the teacher of surgery)

6) "Efficiency of Teaching Information Technologies in Professional Activity" (Koldasova A.K. - Teacher of Informatics)

7) "Teaching the subject of the Basics of Nursing in the Simulation Center" (Orynbai A.A. - teacher of the subject "Nursing")

8) "The role of marketing and modern technologies in pharmacy networks and in training" (Begemetova G.A. - teacher of the subject of pharmacy)

9) "Methods for assessing their knowledge and skills in the process of mastering the technology of the valproic prosthesis in students" (Ordabekov K.Kh. - teacher of dentistry)

10) "Criterial assessment of educational achievements in practical classes of the Russian language" (Turebaeva V.K. - teacher of the subject "Professional Russian language")

Teachers of clinical disciplines - Esenbekova L.U., Zhantasova B.K., Aytuganova S.A. held a master class on "The features of students' knowledge and communication skills in a practical lesson in clinical disciplines."

Further, the psychologist of the college T.Orazbekkyzy conducted a psychological training seminar on "The image of a modern teacher".

       On the second day of pedagogical reading, the contest "Best Beginner Teacher - 2018" was held.

7 young teachers took part in the competition.
1. Asylkhan A.M. - "CMC of anatomical and physiological disciplines"
2. Mamyr M.K. - "CMC of sister technologies"
3. Smailhan G.Sh. - "CMC of Social and Economic Disciplines"
4. Uskenbaeva A.Zh. - "CMC of Chemical, Biological Disciplines and Informatics"
5. Beiseeva Sh.N. - "CMC of pharmaceutical disciplines"
6. Kozhabekova V.B. - "CMC of Clinical Disciplines"
7. Tasheva M.T. - "CMC of pediatrics, infectious diseases"

          The contest was held in two stages. The first stage is the maintenance of documentation, educational and methodical work.

In the period from 22 to 24 January, the expert commission for control reviewed the educational and methodological work of the contestants.
The second stage was held on January 26: "Acquaintance", "Decision of the pedagogical situation", "Fragment of the lesson", "My portfolio", "My hobby".
After reviewing, the expert commission summed up the results of the contest.
According to the results, Asylkhan AM was awarded the nomination "Best Beginner Teacher-2018", she was awarded a diploma. Other contestants are Mamyr MK, Smailhan G.Sh., Usenbekova A.Zh., Beiseeva SH.N., Kozhabekova VB, Tasheva MT. were awarded with a letter of thanks.

On the third day of pedagogical reading, a regular meeting of the methodical council was held, the lecturers' speeches passed the past refresher courses:
1. "Development of communicative skills in clinical disciplines" (Z. Akhatova)

2. "Structure and Functioning of Devices for Artificial Ventilation of the Lungs" (M.Sh. Seitov - Teacher of Dentistry)

3. "Application of modern methods of laparoscopy in practical exercises in gynecology" (Zh.B. Urgenichbaeva - teacher of obstetrics)

4. "Actual problems of hygiene and epidemiology" (Zh.E.Torgautova - teacher of sanitary and hygienic disciplines)

5. "A New Model of Nursing as a Means for Ensuring the International Level of Health Needs" (AD Bizhanova - Teacher of Nursing Technology)

6. "Psychology of the XXI century - stress" (T. Orazbekkyzy - psychologist)

                   Meeting of the Methodical Council

1. Decision of the decisions of the methodological council (Methodist M.Zh. Shiribek)

2. Comprehensive Program for the development of nursing in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2020 and the progress of work in the college (B.T.Tashkenbatva).

3. Organization of methods of scientific research and practical work in the training of average medical workers to the development of the State Program "Densaulyk" for 2016-2019 (L.U.Esenbekova).

4. The role of general professional subjects in the training of mid-level medical workers (A.A. Poshtayeva - chairman of the CMC of chemical, biological disciplines and informatics).

5. Progress in the certification of teaching staff (G. Daribaeva - head of the methodical cabinet)

6. Creation of a condition for the development of the personality of the student as a citizen and patriot, professionally and intellectually capable of creative activity, with strong health, professional competence and orientation, independent growth and self-realization. (M. K. Abdyhanov - deputy director for educational work)

7. Miscellaneous. (Chairman of the Methodological Council - M.A. Sultanov)