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How to apply for an applicant

Shymkent Higher Medical College was founded in 1930. During this time, more than 30 thousand secondary medical workers have been trained, who work in the city of Shymkent, in the Turkestan region, in all corners of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the near and far abroad. The college employs 132 teachers, of which more than 45% are specialists with the highest and first category.

Students of the college constantly take prizes, participating in international, national, regional and city conferences, Olympiads, competitions and cultural events, various sports competitions, KVN, amateur art circles.

HMC works in close contact with 30 medical organizations in our city. The motto of our college is: “Through improving the quality of training of students of the Shymkent Higher Medical College and retraining of middle-level medical workers – to improve the health of citizens of Kazakhstan»

The college has:

  • 51 classrooms, 84 classrooms and 16 laboratories
  • 3 computer technology rooms
  • 2 mobile multimedia classrooms
  • 33 interactive whiteboards
  • 9 interactive panels
  • 9 interactive panels
  • Electronic self-training cabinet for students
  • Mini printing house
  • 2 language labs
  • 20 simulation rooms
  • Egov cabinet
  • 3D anatomical interactive table «Pirogova»
  • Conference room equipped with a multimedia projector
  • A library with more than 76,000 textbooks and teaching aids
  • 2 медпункта
  • Gym

Document of education (certificate) on the basis of the 11th grade in 4 subjects

Kazakh or Russian languages

History of



For admission, applicants must provide the following documents:

Application for admission

Identification card

Copy of the identity card

Document of education (original)

Photo cards 3x4 - 6 pieces

What you need to know

Applicants are enrolled on a competitive basis with an average score

Persons entering medical specialties before the competition are tested psychometrically to determine their professional suitability.

Graduates are issued a state-issued diploma.

The Admissions Office has been open since June 21, 2021.

Opening hours are from 09: 00 to 17: 00.

Documents are accepted at the college’s admissions office and through the E-Government web portal (Egov). The applicant’s parents or legal representative must have an electronic digital signature (EDS).