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Extract from the internal regulations

Students of the Higher Medical College have the right to:

1. To study within the framework of state educational standards and to receive additional, including paid, educational services;

2. To combine training in the form of work in free time at enterprises, organizations, institutions of any organizational and legal forms;

3. Participate in the discussion and resolution of the most important issues related to college students, including through public organizations and management bodies of the educational institution;

4. Free use of the library, the services of educational and methodological and other departments of the college;

5. For moral and material encouragement for academic success and active participation in the social life of the college;

6. Appeal against the orders and orders of the administration in accordance with the procedure established by law;

7. Ask the administration to replace the curator and teacher, justifying their request in writing;

8. To participate in the social life of the college, to be elected students of the college in the K. D. M. (public organization). The Committee has the right to consider issues of discipline violations, student performance and make its proposals to the administration up to the exclusion of college students, has the right to accept applications from college students regarding violations of the norms of the educational process by college teachers and respond accordingly;

9. Nonresident students of the 1st year who have received a state order are provided with places in the hostel (first of all, orphans, the poor and from distant areas).

Students of the Higher Medical College are required to:

1. Systematically and deeply master theoretical and professional knowledge, practical skills and abilities in the chosen profession;

2. Profoundly master the state language, develop interest, respect for the culture and customs, traditions of the peoples inhabiting the republic;

3. Constantly work to improve their cultural and professional level;

4. Attend mandatory training and practical classes;

5. Perform the tasks provided for in the curricula and programs within the established time limits;

6. Cultivate hard work, actively participate in socially useful work, make self-service in college;

7. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited;

8. Be disciplined and organized both in college and on the street, in public places, and be creative and responsible in the assigned task;

9. Protect and strengthen the property of the college;

10. Participate in career guidance work with schoolchildren and in public events held by the educational institution among the population.

11. When teachers, college leaders enter the classroom, students greet him, getting up from their seats.

12. During the training sessions, students should carefully listen to the explanations of the teachers and the answers of their comrades, do not talk or engage in extraneous affairs, and follow all the instructions of the teacher. For questions and answers, get up and sit down only with the permission of the teacher.

13. During classes in laboratories, clinics, offices and during industrial practice, students should use only those tools, devices and other devices that are specified by the teacher of the class, handle them carefully and follow the safety rules. Students are prohibited from removing objects and various equipment from laboratories, classrooms and other premises without the permission of the college administration

14. If students fail to attend classes due to illness or other valid reasons, they must inform the curator. In case of illness, the students provide the curator with a certificate from an outpatient doctor or medical institution in the prescribed form.

15. In each study group, a headman is appointed for the academic year from among the most disciplined and organized students. The headman works under the supervision of the curator, carrying out all his orders and instructions in his group.

16. The duties of the headman include: maintaining discipline in the group, providing the educational part of the college with data on the absence or lateness of students to classes with an indication of the reason, monitoring the safety of educational equipment and inventory, notifying students of changes made to the schedule of classes, timely receipt and distribution of textbooks and teaching aids among the students of the group. The curator’s instructions within the specified functions are mandatory for all students.

17. The supervisor appoints a group duty officer for each day of classes in accordance with the duty schedule.

18. The person on duty in the group is assigned to: monitor the order, cleanliness and safety of property in the training room, provide the necessary auxiliary materials (chalk, illustrations, posters, etc.) for the beginning of classes.

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