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Higher Medical College: yesterday, today, tomorrow

One of the oldest educational institutions for the training and retraining of personnel with secondary medical education in Kazakhstan is the “Higher Medical College”of the Health Department of Shymkent. The history of the college begins back in 1930, when the first five-year plan for the development of the national economy of the USSR provided for the improvement of medical care to the population and the strengthening of disease prevention.

The medical college, which began to train medical assistants, is located in five rooms of a one-story children’s reception center.

In the years of the opening, the directors were K. I. Shkilny (1930-1933), D. Shamishev (1933-1937), D.Nurpeisov (1937-1943), N. N. Bloch (1943), V. Chernov (1943-1944). 22 specialists – assistants of sanitary doctors who received a start in life, made up the first issue.

In 1934, the technical school was renamed the paramedic school, and the nursing, paramedic and midwifery departments were opened. From 1948 to 1954, the paramedic school was called the paramedic-midwife school.

With great respect, we call the names of the first teachers-pioneers of regional medicine: honored doctors of the Kazakh SSR K. L. Olifin, M. A. Bykov, M. A. Stein, F. Ya. Shestialtynov, A.D. Stekolnikov, R. M. Garshina, S. S. Romanychev, as well as I. I. Buchatsky, M. A. Tumalevich, S. I. Drozdov, A. A. Kostylev, B. Aitbayev and others.

During the Great Patriotic War, students of the college provided great assistance to hospitals, donated blood for free, and valiantly served the Motherland. In a difficult year for the country in 1941, the early release of paramedics took place. With heroic efforts, the college graduates saved human lives and restored health to hundreds of thousands of people. Orders and medals were awarded to R. Sh. Iskakova, K. I. Morgacheva, A. I. Streltsova, A. I. Cherednikov, L. N. Shapovalenko, N. V. Prokhorova and many others. R. Sh. Iskakova was awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal, approved by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

For 33 years, Dmitry Markovich Vinokur (1944-1977) headed the medical school. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the medal “For Labor Distinction”, the badge “Excellent Health Worker of the USSR”, the medal “Veteran of Labor”, a number of commendations and certificates of honor of the Kazakh SSR and the USSR.

Having an outstanding mind, high organizational skills and pedagogical intuition, he formed a workable, creative team of teachers and employees. His associates were no less gifted personalities – L. K. Dolgikh(1941-1975) and S. S. Shirinskaya (1957-1976).





Hygiene and epidemiology

Laboratory diagnostics


History in dates

1953 y. - 1992 y.

In 1953, a pharmaceutical department was opened. At the initiative of the head of the South Kazakhstan Regional Health Department, Ya. A. Klebanov, the training of dentists begins in the same year. In 1954, the paramedic-midwifery school was reorganized into a medical school. An evening department for the training of paramedics and nurses is being opened. In 1958 – the dental department, and in 1964-the paramedic-laboratory department. During these years, branches were opened and operated in Algabas, Sary-Agash, Vannovka, and Arys.

In 1970, according to the results of the Republican review-competition among secondary schools, the school took the first place.

From 1977 to 1995, the medical school was headed by Ashir Ilyasovich Ilashev, one of the first candidates of sciences of the South Kazakhstan region, a pediatrician, “Excellent Health Worker of the USSR”. During his leadership, the construction of the second academic building was completed.

From 1995 to 2007, the educational institution was headed by Erkin Ashirovich Muminov-Candidate of Medical Sciences, dentist, orthopedist of the highest category, teacher of the highest category, winner of the Grant of the US Congress Foundation under the program “Zdravreform” (1995). E. A. Muminov’s work was marked with the badges “Kazakhstan Republikasy densaulyk Aktau isinin uzdigi”, “Excellent Student of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. For success in his work, he was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Akimat of South Kazakhstan Region, the Regional Department of Health, the medal “Eren enbegi Ush”, the jubilee medal”Kazakhstan Republikasynn Tauelsizdigine – 10 zhyl”.

In 1996, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 14, No. 282, Shymkent Medical School received the status of a college.

In 1992, the department of advanced training was opened, the purpose of which is to retrain and improve the skills of middle-level medical workers.

Every year, the doors of the museum of the history of Kazakhstan and the history of the college, the museum of the history of the development of nursing are opened for applicants, students and guests.

2000 year

The Museum of the History of Kazakhstan and the History of the College, established in 2000, introduces visitors to the exhibition, the content of which restores the historical picture of Kazakhstan and will allow you to trace the development of education in the college.

The museum is a center for moral and patriotic education of students. It is a venue for meetings with college graduates, war and labor veterans, health care veterans, and thematic curatorial hours.

Teachers of the history of Kazakhstan conduct classes in the museum, using its materials. The materials of the museum are also used by students in the preparation of essays on the history of our republic, Southern Kazakhstan, Shymkent, the history of the development of the country’s health care.

In 2001, an educational polyclinic center with 16 treatment rooms, a clinical laboratory, and a day hospital was put into operation.

Today, the college rightfully occupies a strong position in the system of secondary vocational education. Continuing and improving the started traditions, from 2007 to 2015, it was headed by the Candidate of Medical Sciences, “Excellent Health Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan” – Pakeev Seitzhamal Orynbasarovich.

S. O. Pakeev is a talented organizer, a leader of a new type, with great energy, dedication, and high professional skills. He can to defend the correctness of their beliefs, to achieve their goals. He is distinguished by thoroughness in business, a creative approach to solving various problems. A special feature of the college director’s work style is democracy, collegiality, exactingness, combined with respect for the personality of the teacher and the student, and a well-thought-out personnel policy. High professionalism, dedication, exactingness, and integrity earned Pakeev S. O. a well-deserved authority and respect among students, teachers, and employees.

Currently, the college is a State-owned municipal Enterprise on the right of economic management, acting in accordance with the Company’s Charter. In 2000, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued Shymkent Medical College an indefinite State License of the BM series No. 0000506 for educational activities – training and retraining of secondary medical workers in eight specialties.

In 2020, on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the college, the museum underwent a reorganization with a significant replenishment of its fund.

The Museum of the History of Nursing opened in 1997. The exposition of the museum consists of 6 sections, the content of which tells about the life and work of F.Nightingale, the founders of modern nursing, Dasha Sevastopolskaya-the first sister of mercy, the sisters who were awarded the medal of the name of F.Nightingale. A separate stand is dedicated to Razia Shakenovna Iskakova, our graduate of 1940, a participant of the Great Patriotic War, awarded the medal named after F.Nightingale.

The museum houses patient care items from the 20-40s of the twentieth century. Teachers of the basics of nursing, curators of groups spend curatorial hours in the museum dedicated to loyalty to charity. The museum is used for teaching classes on the history of nursing.

2018 year

The college has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Between 2008 and 2018, the college underwent three external recertification audits. Currently, the college has a quality certificate for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems”.

In 2014, a simulation center was created on the basis of the college to improve the practical skills of students and secondary medical workers of the department of advanced training and retraining and conduct intermediate, final certification. On the basis of the center, college students improve their practical skills in special disciplines. The center is equipped with mechanical simulators, dummies, phantoms, dummies and robot simulators of the patient, which allow you to practice practical skills of working with the patient and consolidate the basics of clinical thinking of the future specialist.

In 2015, on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a new 4-storey educational and clinical building was opened for practicing clinical skills on modern simulators. On the basis of the training and clinical center, a simulation center for medical workers was opened.

In 2015. in accordance with the results of the ranking of the list of economic entities of Kazakhstan, the college was awarded the honorary title “Industry Leader” and the sign ” Sala koshbashysy»

In order to improve the quality of teaching in the 2014-2015 academic year, communication was established with higher medical educational institutions and medical organizations in Russia, Finland, and Lithuania, agreements were concluded during negotiations and advanced training courses were organized for college teachers.

Since 2015, Shymkent Medical College has been headed by a teacher of the highest category, Master of Public Health Sultanov Meirbek Alibekovich. The labor activity of M. A. Sultanov was marked with the badge “Kazakhstan Republikasy densaulyk aktau isinin uzdigi”, the jubilee medal “20 years of the Constitution of Kazakhstan”. At the end of 2015, he was awarded the National Certificate “Best Manager of the Year 2015″for conscientious performance of tasks, outstanding labor achievements, professionalism and dedication to the interests of the company and the team. Thanks to his perseverance, perseverance and dedication, the teaching staff of the college followed the path of further development and introduction of innovative teaching methods that contribute to the production of specialists who meet the requirements of the new time.

In 2016. on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the college was awarded the “Best in the Healthcare System” badge.»

In 2016, the college successfully passed the procedure of institutional and specialized accreditation and received the status of an accredited educational institution of TVET.

In 2016. a plaque of honor was opened to Iskakova R. Sh., a graduate of the Shymkent Medical College, a veteran of the Second World War, the owner of the medal named after F. Sh.Nightingale.

From January 2017 to January 2021, the college was headed by S. O. Pakeev – an initiative, purposeful, demanding, with a vision of the future, the head of a new formation, who is able to achieve his goals.

In order to improve the quality of teaching, an agreement on cooperation in the field of academic and research activities was signed in 2018 with the Bishkek Medical College of the Kyrgyz Republic, with the Yakut Medical College of the Sakha Republic of the Russian Federation,with the S. D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, and with the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2018, the college provides training in the specialty 0302000 “Nursing” with the qualification 0302054 ” Applied Bachelor’s Degree»

In 2019, the State Enterprise on the PHV “Higher Medical College” of the UZ of Shymkent was awarded an international diploma in the field of cooperation with clinical bases.

Today, the Higher Medical College is a prestigious, constantly and comprehensively developing educational institution, a reliable partner, a recognized leader, an institution that is in demand by young people who want to get a decent education. The College rightfully occupies a strong position in the system of secondary vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main strategic goal of the college is to train highly qualified specialists with a practice-oriented education, who are ready to realize themselves personally and professionally in a constantly changing market environment and meet the requirements of the healthcare system, society, and the state.

The teaching staff of the college consists of 154 people, including masters and candidates of science, teachers of the highest and first category.

The material and technical base meets the requirements of the State Educational Standard (the number and name of offices, the availability of modern computer equipment, Internet access, a simulation center, a greenhouse, a hostel, a library, a reading room, an electronic reading room, medical services, etc.).

Every year, teachers and students of the college actively participate and win prizes in international, national, and city competitions, Olympiads, and conferences. Namely:

  1. Republican remote student Internet competition within the framework of the program “Rukhani zhangyru “”Ayalagan Astana” – diploma of the III degree.
  2. Republican contest “The best expert of anatomy-2018” – diploma of the III degree.
  3. Republican scientific and theoretical student conference “Studentterdin gylymy izdenis dagdylaryn zheteldiru arkyly kasibi sheberligin kalyptastiru” – diploma of I, II, III degree.
  4. “Hippocrates” – Republican Olympiad-diploma of the II, III degree.
  5. Republican competition in the specialty “Hygiene and epidemiology” “Health promotion and promotion of healthy lifestyle” – diploma of the first degree.
  6. Competition “The best cabinet-2018”, organized by the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogy and Innovative Technologies-teacher Zaitinova O. E. was awarded a diploma of the II degree.

2019 year

  1. Republican scientific and practical conference” modern problems of deontology in Nursing ” – Diploma III degree.
  2. Republican student on – line Olympiad on sister business-Grand Prix.
  3. International Student Conference on educational and research work “Healthy Youth – our future”, Yakut Medical College of the Republic of Yakutia – diplomas of I and III degrees.
  4. Republican contest “Best pharmacist-2019” – I place.
  5. International competition of Professional Master’s degree “the best medical laboratory – 2019” on specialties “laboratory diagnostics” among graduates of medical colleges of the South Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the country of the next frontier, dedicated to the “year of youth” and the implementation of the state concept youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 “Kazakhstan – 2020: the way to the future” – I place.
  6. “International scientific and practical conference on the topic” “round work in the formation of professional competencies of students” “among medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of the near abroad, dedicated to the year of youth” “and the implementation of the concept of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 “”Kazakhstan” 2020: the path to the future ” in online mode-I and III places.
  7. City Competition “Best Teacher-2019” – Diploma of III degree.
  8. Republican competition” modern problems of deontology in nursing “Nomination” Best Project ” – Diploma of III degree.
  9. Republican pedagogical competition ” heart given to children “in the nomination” students of pedagogical colleges ” – Diploma of the first degree.
  10. Republican contest “Best Video” for teachers of the educational program “applied bachelor’s degree in specialty” sister business ” – diploma of III degree.
  11. Republican competition “best methodological development of international events” – Diploma of III degree.
  12. Republican contest “the best methodological development of the lesson” – diploma III degree.

2020 year

  1. Participation in the Republican distance Olympiad” Erudite-Anatomist 2020 “in the educational program with the qualification of “applied bachelor” specialty “Nursing”: Oktambayeva Maftuna took the first place, Ashimkhanova Zarina and Keles Arailym took the second place.
  2. In the republican contest “The best methodological guide” of the open practical class on the discipline “Technology of dosage forms” among teachers of special disciplines, held in the “Aktobe Higher Medical College named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova”, the teacher Anarbekova M. B. won Grand Prix.
  3. The Grand Prix of the Republican contest “the Best teacher – 2020”, organized by the Ministry of education and science, has won the teacher of chemistry Sabden W.
  4. On the blitz tournament “English”, organized by the Republican scientific-methodical center “Ustaz tleg” I place was taken Ashirova F. G., with K. H.
  5. Turkestan higher medical College was organized by the Republican student scientific and practical conference “the Coronavirus and its consequences. Possible development scenarios»: a diploma of III degree for his work “Nursing care for patients with COVID -19 infection” was awarded a learning group MB 18 B M Tlday, (heads, with K. H., F. G. Ashirova); a diploma of III degree for his work “Good mental health is the key to health and well-being of the population” was awarded a learning group FR 18 B A. Maman (head Zhantasova B.);
  6. Diploma of I degree for his work “the Coronavirus and immunity” was awarded a learning group FL 19 A alibaeva A. (head Bektursunov sh.);
  7. A diploma of II degree for his work “the Coronavirus infection COVID-19: is it possible re-infection” was awarded a learning group AK 19 “B” U. Yulchieva (head Keshubaev E.).
  8. Republican online competition “the Best methodological development of extracurricular activities,” among teachers of special disciplines of the specialty “Hygiene and epidemiology” – Professor M. J. Sailauova took THIRD place.
  9. Republican contest “Kazakstannyn ulagatty ustazy”, organized by the republican magazine “Bilim shyny” teacher Esenbayeva U. was awarded the badge “Kazakstannyn ulagatty ustazy”.
  10. The Republican online competition “The best methodological development of a lesson” among teachers of the specialty “Hygiene and Epidemiology”, organized by the State Enterprise on the PHV “Taldykorgan Higher Medical College” teachers Tulepova Z. T., Seralieva M. Sh., Torgautova Zh. were awarded a diploma of the III degree.
  11. Shymkent city correspondence competition “The best teacher-2019” – teacher Sailauova M. Zh. took the III place.
  12. International competition “Best Medical Laboratory Assistant-2019”: Polatbek Ulbosyn, a student of the FL 16 “A” group, won the Grand Prix.
  13. In the Republican contest “The best pharmacist – 2019”, organized by the Zhambyl Higher Medical College, the student of the group FL 16 “B” Abdikadyrova L. took the first place.
  14. Kokshetau Higher Medical College organized a remote republican Olympiad in the discipline “Microbiology” of the specialty “Hygiene and Epidemiology”: the student of the group SF 18 “A” Azat A. was awarded a diploma of the first degree.
  15. In the regional championship “WorldSkills Shymkent -2020″, the student of the group KB 18 ” A ” Izbasarova A. in the competence “Medical and social care” took the first place.
  16. In the Republican online Olympiad in the specialty “Medical care” with the qualification “Paramedic”, “Obstetrician”, organized by the North Kazakhstan Higher Medical College, students Nurlybay A., Alimzhanova G., Medeuova M. took the first place.
  17. In order to popularize the heritage of the great Abai, at the competition of masters of artistic reading “Olen – sozdin kurylysy”, organized by the State Enterprise “Educational and Methodological Center of Languages of the city of Shymkent”, the student Zhorabek G. took the third place.

The college teachers publish textbooks in the state and Russian languages, develop electronic textbooks and electronic manuals on the subjects studied

In 2020, for students of the specialty “Dentistry”, “Orthopedic Dentistry”, in connection with the introduction of dual training in the educational process, a dental clinic and a dental simulation center were opened on the basis of the college to practice practical skills. The essence of dual training is that the theoretical part of the training is carried out on the basis of an educational organization, and the practical part-at the workplace. The purpose of training is to ensure that a young graduate enters the labor market simultaneously with professional education and with work experience.

In 2016, an imitation pharmacy was opened in the college for students of the specialty “Pharmacy” and other specialties during the training practice and practical classes in special disciplines. This allows students to try their chosen profession in practice.Their goal is to teach them how to sell pharmacy goods. In the classroom, they learn how to design a pharmacy’s sales floor and navigate an extensive range of medicines. They get acquainted with the characteristics of each drug, divide them into pharmacological groups, select analogues, study contraindications and side effects, as well as indications for use.

In 2020, a greenhouse for growing medicinal plants was opened on the territory of the college for students of the specialty “Pharmacy”. The greenhouse is a green laboratory that serves as a base for conducting practical classes with students in special disciplines: on the subject of “Botany”, “Pharmacognosy”, “TLF”, as well as conducting research work. Students take care of plants, master practical skills and abilities in growing medicinal plants, studying their properties, consolidating knowledge, skills and skills in the analysis of medicinal plants. Working in a greenhouse will allow you to deepen and consolidate the knowledge of the theoretical course.

Since February 2021, the college has been headed by Abishev Galymzhan Motayevich, Master of Economics and Business, “Excellent Health Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The College is equipped with modern medical and technical equipment, medical equipment, tools and teaching aids.

The college has an educational and information center, computer rooms, language laboratories, and multimedia rooms. All computers of the college are connected to the global information resources of the Internet and are connected by local computer communication to computer rooms, a methodological office, a library, which allows using the Internet for educational purposes, transmitting information to each workplace. The college library is one of the best libraries of secondary special educational institutions in Shymkent, its book fund is more than 70 thousand copies of educational, medical, reference and fiction literature, more than 44 titles of newspapers and magazines are issued annually, there is a reading room, 2 electronic reading rooms, equipped with a book scanner. There is also a healthy lifestyle hall equipped with modern fitness equipment.

During the work of the educational institution, more than 33 thousand specialists have been trained. The geography of professional activity of graduates has significantly expanded: regional and district centers of Kazakhstan, countries of near and far abroad. We are proud to mention the names of our graduates: M. Ibraev-Candidate of Medical Sciences, who for many years was the chief pediatrician of the republic, B. E. Altynbekov-Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Kazakhstan, I. Yunusmetov-Professor of the Department of Oncology of the SCSMU, I. Kozhukhov-Candidate of Medical Sciences, organizer of the anti-cholera service of Shymkent, Candidates of Sciences: R. Bekchentaev, N. Cheveleva, A. Bazhenov, E. Levchenko, K. Shertayeva, E. Sultanov, E. Kuatbekov, S.Pernebekov, R. Bekturganov and many others.

The educational institution also has bright pages of research work, sports, artistic and aesthetic life. As evidenced by the prizes in the republican, regional, city, scientific and practical conferences, sports contests, competitions, KVN.

Much has been done, much is being done, but more needs to be done. The staff of the college understands this and does not stop there and, taking into account the variety of areas of work of the college, continues to search for new approaches in educational, career-oriented, educational work, considering it their duty not only to preserve the potential of public education, but also to increase it with their experience.

Today, the VMC is at the age of spiritual maturity and great skill of its teachers. The life of the college continues, and the teaching staff associates its main hopes with the young generation, present and future students who will protect the health of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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