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Head ofBaiduisenov Parzhan Koibagarovich
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Standard learning period:

3 years 10 months on the basis of basic secondary education;

2 years 10 months on the basis of general secondary education

Qualification: 4S09110102 “Dentist”

Form of education:  full-time

The level of training of students in the credit technology of training provides for the development of basic and professional modules for the formation of basic and professional competencies.

Basic competencies are developed for the specialty and address issues of social responsibility, work organization, relationships with other people in the workplace, as well as responsibility for the environment.

Professional competencies are developed for each qualification on the basis of professional standards (if any) and (or) functional analysis of the labor market, taking into account the requirements of employers and the social demand of society.

  • Reflects and assumes responsibility for the long-term planning of their continuous professional development and selects the most effective training methods to achieve their goals.
  • Identifies problems and potential solutions in routine situations, logically analyzes facts, judgments, and makes informed decisions within the framework of her professional activity
  • Takes an active part in public life, promotes the role of dentists in society, shows tolerance when interacting with people of different cultural and age groups, observes subordination and professional solidarity.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional ethical principles, respects confidentiality, understands the responsibility for the life and health of patients, critically evaluates and makes decisions when ethical issues arise in certain situations in order to protect the rights and interests of patients/clients, families and groups.
  • Values and supports the aesthetics of the working environment, continuously strives to enrich the worldview and create aesthetic comfort for the patient
  • Demonstrates effective communication with people who differ in culture, faith, traditions, lifestyle and worldviews in different languages.
  • Demonstrates responsibility, working in different professional teams, shows individual self-management skills, in order to work together effectively
  • Uses various information and communication technologies to effectively exchange information for professional purposes.
  • Knows and uses the regulatory documents regulating preventive work aimed at improving the health of the population, knows the methods and technologies of national and international strategic programs of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Performs dispensary monitoring of patients with chronic and socially significant diseases
  • Evaluates its own performance according to quality indicators. Takes responsibility for improving the quality of care in its working context
  • Identifies patient needs, develops and implements a patient-centered plan, documents and evaluates care outcomes. Makes dental decisions with the participation of the patient and the family.