Quality policy and objectives

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Quality policy and objectives

To achieve the main goal, the college solves the following tasks::

  • Ensuring a positive image of the college in the market of educational services due to the high quality of training of specialists;
  • Ensuring that graduates ‘ qualifications meet the requirements of employers;
  • Implementation of educational programs based on the competence approach and professional standards developed with the direct participation of practical healthcare organizations;
  • Developing partnerships with employers to train competitive professionals:
  • Training of students taking into account the priority of PHC;
  • Development of professionally significant qualities of students and increasing their responsibility for the results of educational activities;
  • Training of nursing staff in accordance with European directives;
  • Professional development of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers in accordance with Standard programs of advanced training and retraining;
  • Wide application of all types of learning technologies;
  • Complete informatization with the creation of online services, libraries, and classrooms;
    Improving the quality control of training specialists;
  • Modernization of the material and technical base of the college;
  • Development of the educational and clinical base;
  • Strengthening human and institutional capacity;
  • Optimization of the management structure of the college on the basis of modern
    quality management; continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Quality objectives

  • All teachers should familiarize themselves with and ensure the further development of medical
    and nursing education in order to gradually implement the project of the State
  • Program for the Development of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Densaulyk” for 2020-2025
    In order to expand international cooperation, continue working on cooperation with Higher Medical Colleges of the near and far abroad
  • Expand cooperation with clinical bases for training specialists in technical and vocational education, as well as post-secondary education
  • Take measures to introduce a new system of selection and admission to medical colleges
  • To improve the quality of the production conditions in which the activities of the subjects of the educational process are carried out
  • Ensure 100% timely completion of advanced training courses for the teaching staff, and their compliance with the qualifications of the staff with the established requirements and the positions held
  • Ensure the full availability of the necessary educational and methodological documentation
    Supplement the fund of educational and scientific literature on the educational program ” Applied Bachelor of Nursing»
  • Ensure that the quality of training of college graduates meets the requirements of the state general education standards of education
  • Maintain a high-quality student achievement rate of at least 75% in junior and at least 85% in senior courses
  • To cover the maximum possible number of secondary schools in the city and region with career guidance
  • Ensure the operation of simulation centers in accordance with the modern requirements of the educational process
  • To carry out preparatory work for the construction of a sports hall and a canteen on the territory of the college

The management of the college undertakes to create the conditions necessary to achieve the main strategic goal, ensures that all personnel communicate, understand and effectively implement this Quality Policy. The implementation of this quality policy is the responsibility and a matter of honor for each member of the college team. At the same time, each employee of the college is personally responsible for the quality of their work within their competence.

Quality Policy

“Higher Medical College” of the UZ of Shymkent carries out educational activities in the field of technical, vocational and post-secondary education and provides additional educational services to improve the skills of working specialists.

Mission statement

Training of secondary medical and pharmaceutical specialists, as well as specialists of post-secondary education who meet the requirements of the state mandatory standard of secondary vocational and post-secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main strategic goal

Training of highly qualified specialists with a practice-oriented education, who are ready to realize themselves personally and professionally in a constantly changing market environment and meet the requirements of the modern healthcare system, society, and the state.