Высший Медицинский Колледж Ваше прекрасное будущее Подробнее

Leader's message

Abishev Galymzhan Motayevich

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you to the official website of the Higher Medical College of Shymkent.

On this site you can familiarize yourself with the history of the college, the directions of its activities and structural divisions. We also share daily college news with you on this site. College students, parents, applicants, teachers can find the necessary information here.

The main principle of our college is to provide high-quality educational services focused on international standards for the preparation of competitive specialists needed in the modern labor market.

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About our College

The college rightfully occupies a strong position in the system of secondary vocational education. Over the past five years, 139 teachers have completed practical training abroad. The teaching staff and students achieved great results.

Today, our graduates work in the medical organizations of the region and make a great contribution to improving the health of the population. We are sure that the anthem of the Shymkent Medical College will forever remain in the memory of our graduates.

Our specialties


Who to work with
The head of the paramedic-obstetric center, health center; the paramedic of the therapeutic and pediatric sections, the instructor of physical therapy, and so on.
What to do
Identify diseases and treat people, provide emergency care in extreme situations, carry out disease prevention, strengthen the health of their patients, manage the Health Center.


Paramedic Obstetrician

Who to work with
Graduates can work as a nurse in a hospital, polyclinic, school, kindergarten, social protection center; dietetic nurse.
What to do
Provide nursing and emergency care; monitor the patient’s condition; rehabilitate the patient after diseases; carry out preventive measures.


Applied Bachelor of Nursing General Practice Nurse

Who to work with
Graduates can work as a Dentist-therapist, Dentist-orthopedist, Dentist-ordontologist, Periodontist, and so on.
What to do
A dentist is a doctor who identifies, treats, and prevents diseases associated with the oral cavity: teeth, gums, and salivary glands. This is a highly sought-after profession in the modern world



Who to work with
Graduates can work: Pharmacist-salesman, Pharmacist-researcher, Pharmacist-distributor, Pharmacist-employee of the production process, and so on.
What to do
Pharmacists are mainly employed in pharmacies, acting as sellers of medicines. But they perform not only the function of implementation, but also the selection of analogues, alternatives, etc.