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Head ofТурбекова Ботагоз Сапаралиевна
Phone+7 (7252) 53-09-10 (111)

Standard learning period:

2 years 10 months on the basis of general secondary education (10th grade)

Qualification:  4S09130103  «General Practice Nurse»

Form of education: daytime

The level of training of students in the credit technology of training provides for the development of basic and professional modules for the formation of basic and professional competencies.

Basic competencies are developed for the specialty and address issues of social responsibility, work organization, relationships with other people in the workplace, as well as responsibility for the environment.

Professional competencies are developed for each qualification on the basis of professional standards (if any) and (or) functional analysis of the labor market, taking into account the requirements of employers and the social demand of society.

  • Recognizes their learning needs and sets learning goals by applying information management, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional ethical principles and standards when interacting with patients, their families and colleagues in the process of providing nursing care.
  • Accepts responsibility for their actions and work results, and maintains a positive working environment
  • Able to effectively interact with different people in different situations using a wide range of technologies.
  • Is responsible for the quality and safety of nursing care based on the effective application of evidence-based knowledge, technological advances and professional skills.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and implements a patient-centered nursing process based on the principles of evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Provides nursing care and makes decisions based on evidence-based knowledge.
  • Uses relevant medical information to make clinical decisions.
  • Evaluates and promotes the improvement of the functional abilities of patients, applying a rehabilitation and wellness approach.
  • Identifies patient needs, develops and implements a patient-centered plan, documents and evaluates care outcomes. Makes nursing decisions involving the patient and family.
  • Evaluates its own performance according to quality indicators. Takes responsibility for improving the quality of care in its working context.