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Head ofTleppaev Bolat Nyshanbaevich
Phone+7 (7252) 53-09-10

Standard learning period:

2 years 10 months on the basis of general secondary education

1 year 10 months on the basis of general secondary education

Qualification: 4S09110201  «Dental technician»

Form of education: daytime

The level of training of students in the credit technology of training provides for the development of basic and professional modules for the formation of basic and professional competencies.

  • Uses information and computer technologies in work and self-development
  • Recognizes their learning needs and sets learning goals by applying information management, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional ethical principles and standards when interacting with patients, their families, and colleagues in the care process.
  • Accepts responsibility for their actions and work results, and maintains a positive working environment
  • Able to effectively interact with different people in different situations using a wide range of technologies