Round table on the topic “Early postnatal bleeding”

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On February 21, 2023, teachers of the cyclic-methodical association of obstetric and surgical disciplines of Shymkent higher medical college I. Kalzhigitkyzy and Zh.K. Kopbaeva held a round table on the topic “Early postnatal bleeding”.

The round table meeting was attended by the obstetrician-gyneco-logist of the maternity department of the Sayram central district hospital N.M.Beknazarova and the ultrasound doctor of the city diagnostic center of Adilkhankyzy, teachers of the college G.U. Nauryzbayeva, D.T.Kurbanalieva, U.B.Kenesova.

During the round table were discussed the main causes and risk factors of postnatal bleeding, algorithms for providing phased emergency care and measures to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in postnatal bleeding. The students asked questions on the topic of the round table and got the necessary information from participants and teachers.